re reference software

J.M. Wortley PABJMW at
Mon Oct 16 04:35:03 EST 1995

I have written a windows reference database (in MS Access) 
that allows a hit list to be created, and exported to word 
for windows in various editable journal formats (Nature 
Features such as drop down lists (where a new paper can be 
entered just by selecting items (such as Author(s) and 
Journal) from a list by using the mouse; search criteria 
based upon the a word, contains "text" etc; export as text 
file/ word 4 win.  
The file itself is only 500 kb, but if you don't have MS 
Access, you need the run time (about 3Mb).
Any one interested can conntact me on pabjmw at
Jonathan Wortley

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