Self and Non-self

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Dear Netter

 May I have an exposition of my idea on self and non-self in immunology,which
is an essential question in this area.
 Here is my conclusion at first.
{Self is the existence which can insist its own strong strategy for survival or
 prosrperity by rational systematization.}
I explain my interpretation in metapher.
[There exist a radical thinker.He takes an irregal action in temporary society
 in order to accomplish his own faith.Then he will be punished of course.Why?
 Because his power is weak enough to change the law which is a strong strategy 
 to govern the society.]
Namely what self eliminates as non-self is what is not suitable for the 
strategy of self.The important thing is not "What is right and what is wrong?"
but "What has the strongest strategy?".Maybe immune system has won such a
survival race.
 We must also think about immunological self as follows.
At first self can change,which means the genetic change or the distruction of 
immune system by powerful invaders.
For the second self does not strictly eliminate non-self.2 men whose ways of  
thinking are different from each other can be good friends.2 groups who dislike
each other very much do not have a quarrel if they are separated.These examples
may suggest the mechanism of immuno-tolerance is not only selection but also
separation.(which is now supported by some experiments.)
At last immunological self is very similar to the judical power.Even a trans-
planted brain is rejected by immune system under a certain condition.This 
result suggest that brain-nervous system is not always superior to immune
system.The relation between them is like that of administrative power and 
judical power.
 They are my images of immunological self and non-self.
Thanks for reading.Opinions will be welcomed!

Kenichiro Kashihara

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