Cu and Ag Ions

Michael Gregory gregeccd at
Tue Oct 17 12:59:57 EST 1995

Greetings from Berlin!

As part of my studies here at the technical university of Berlin I am envolved
in a research project, studying the disinfection of water with UV-light.  After
treating the water we wish to hold it germ free. I heard of using copper of
silver ions to keep water sterile or to make it potable.  I believe the ions
bind to proteins and enzymes.  Can anyone out there in Netland tell me the
exact mechanism and the effectiveness of these ions?  How does one administer
the ions. I heard of using copper and silver electrodes.  Would this have an
effect on the taste characteristics of the water?
I would appreciate and information to this topic (books, articles, web sites,
patents, etc.).

Thanks in advance.
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