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Steven D. Morley,
BBSRC Centre for Genome Research,
University of Edinburgh,
King's Buildings, West Mains Road,
Edinburgh, EH9 3JQ, UK.

Phone: (44) 131-650-5866
FAX: (44) 131-667-0164
email: Steve.Morley at

I am trying to contact the following EX. Edinburgh University biological 
scientists and Kirk Brae Cricket Club players.  If you recognise any of 
these people, please make them aware of this information.


Ian Purvis, EX. Edinburgh Microbiology (1981-84) and Glasgow Genetics 
(1984-87), possibly now working for Galaxo in Hayes, Middlesex.

Martin Mackay, EX.  Edinburgh Microbiology (1980-82) and Molecular
(1982-85), later at Ceiba Geigy, in Guildford and then Basel, now in 

Julian Goy, Ex. Edinburgh Botany, then in Cannbera (?), Australia. Now 
Somewhere in London.

Ian Masters, EX. Edinburgh Microbiology (1983-86)

Peter Holden,  Ex. Edinburgh Botany (1986-90)

Chris Delves,	Ex. Edinburgh Molecular Biology (1986-89).

Kirk Brae Cricket Club 15th Anniversary Dinner & Celidih

Dear Club Members, Ex-Members, Opponents and Friends

The Invitation:  I am writing to invite you to the Kirk Brae C.C. 15th 
Anniversary Celebration Dinner and Celidih, to be held in the
Hotel, 31/33 Craigmillar Park, Edinburgh, on Saturday 11th November, 
6.30pm-1.00am.  The idea behind this is for the current membership to get
better idea of how the club was founded and for some of our ex-members to 
remake contact and see the progress that we have made.  We also want to
in our opponents, with whom we have enjoyed playing and sharing a few 
post-match beers, win or lose, to celebrate the fact that we still exist 
after 15 years and finally, for everyone to have an enjoyable time!

The Evening will take the form of a not too formal 3 course dinner from 
7.00-9.30, including a couple of (very short!) speeches reviewing the 
development of the club from its formation to the present day.  For those
you who are allergic to cricket and/or speeches, do not worry, as these
be the only formal cricket elements of the evening and will be kept
as the Ceilidh must start at 9.30pm.  For that, we have got one of 
Edinburgh's best bands, Scottish Blend', who will be bringing a caller to 
help out those who have two left feet on the dance floor, as well as on
cricket field.  The Bar will be staying open until 12.30am and dancing
1.00am Auld Lang Syne, after which late night drinking elsewhere may be 
contemplated, if anyone has the energy.

The Guests: will be the majority of the current membership of the club
as many of our friends and opponents who can attend as possible.  In 
addition, we hope for a substantial meeting of former members, currently 
spread to the four winds, which should be particularly enjoyable.  Early 
indications suggest that Ian Murdoch, (Reading), Dave Edwards (Oxford), 
should be attending, with further news coming in from other corners of
globe.  In addition, Danny Blythe, the founder of the club and 'legend in 
his own opening time', within the club at least, will be attending as our 
Guest of Honour and making one of the (very short!) speeches.

The Accommodation:  A number of ex-members and others living outside 
Edinburgh will be visiting for the occasion.  We have therefore
negotiated a 
reduced overnight rate with the Northumberland Hotel to accommodate those 
who do not wish to/are incapable of returning home.  Contact the Hotel
0131-667-6971/2) directly for details and early booking is recommended.

The Tariff:  Unfortunately there is no such thing as a free cricket lunch
dinner.  Tickets for the full evening of 3 course Dinner and Ceilidh are 
#22.50.  Could those requiring the vegetarian alternative notify Steve 
Morley directly.  I must emphasize that the hotel requires to know
numbers 7 
days in advance to make their catering arrangements.  The last day to 
purchase Dinner tickets is therefore Saturday 4rd November, and no
negotiation will be entered into.  Since we wish as many people as
to join us on this anniversary evening, we are also selling tickets for
the Ceilidh, price #5.00.  These will be available up to the day of the 

The Contacts:  Tickets can be obtained from any of the following, or any 
club member:

	Steve Morley (Ph. 0131-452-8201/650-5870),
	Peter Thomson (Ph. 0131-552-6196),
	or Steve Smith (Ph. 0131-662-0729/650-5318). 

Hope to see you there! Steve Morley (Chairman, K.B.C.C.).


Steven D. Morley,
BBSRC Centre for Genome Research,
University of Edinburgh,
King's Buildings, West Mains Road,
Edinburgh, EH9 3JQ, UK.

Phone: (44) 131-650-5870  -  ***New CGR Extension!!!
FAX: (44) 131-667-0164
email: Steve.Morley at

Please note that from 1st September 1995 I will be transferring to:

Steven D. Morley,
Department of Clinical Biochemistry,
Royal Infirmary,
Lauriston Place,
Edinburgh, EH3 9YW, UK.

Phone: (44) 131-536-2723
FAX: (44) 131-229-3543
email:Steve.Morley at

Note that my email number remains the same.
I will still be spending significant time in the CGR
and until Jan '96, this should still be my first
point of contact.

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