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>One solution to consider (though I have no clue if the code exists)
>would a simple scheme of automoderation:  
>	1. We consider b.i-t a simple little club (it is after all! :-).  
>	2. Member's posts are automatically passed through.
>	3. You get to be a member by making _one_ on-topic post.

Of course, someone has to decide whether the posting is on topic.

Soon we'll be electing Fellows (perhaps actually called Moderators) 
of the Chowder Society.  These august individuals will have unlimited 
publication rights in b.i-t.  Perhaps we'll have an intermediate
category, called Associate Fellow, or Associate Moderator.  These
slightly less august individuals will have full and unlimited publication
rights themselves, but the Full Fellows (Moderators?) will, in addition, 
be empowered to judge the on-topicness of the postings of others.

Note that I'm not saying I dislike the suggestion. Can we have a
secret handshake, too?


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