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Thu Oct 19 07:58:34 EST 1995

Reinhard Doelz (doelz at wrote:
: Keith Robison (robison at wrote:

: : One solution to consider (though I have no clue if the code exists)
: : would a simple scheme of automoderation:  

: : 	1. We consider b.i-t a simple little club (it is after all! :-).  
: : 	2. Member's posts are automatically passed through.
: : 	3. You get to be a member by making _one_ on-topic post.

: One of the mailing lists which we happen to manage runs through a general 
: filter to reduce noise caused by subscription messages. Anything else 
: would be dangerous as the automatism might delete messages which have the 
: banned wording in it accidentially. The most robust checker is a human 
: after all, and writing a simulator program for a human is a project of its 
: own :-) 

Right -- which is why I suggested that the system only expedite the
posting of "member's" postings, not delete the "non-member" ones.
It would be nice if _all_ the groups had something to filter out
(un)subscribe requests, but as you say you wouldn't want that to mean
that including that word would kill a post (after all, then you would
never see this post :-)

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