Funding sources for the Undergraduate?

Lou damicol at
Thu Oct 19 11:52:51 EST 1995

Though it is certainly not my intention to drive the disscussion on the
news-group away from bio-sci issues, I'm kind of at a dead end, and I was
wondering if anyone had any suggestions.  I am an undergraduate at a private
liberal arts institution doing research in behavioral neuroendocrinology
studying _Manduca sexta_.  This summer, I will need to stay at the institution
to conduct research leading towards an honors thesis.  I was curious if anyone
knew of any sources of undergraduate funding that might support my time on
campus and expenses incurred (housing, immunohistochemical purchasing, etc.) 
I've had a tough time searching, only finding sources directed at minorities
and women (of which I'm neither), with the exception of CUR.  If anyone has any
suggestions of funding sources, or places to contact, a response would be
greatly appreciated through the e-mail address given below.  Thank you in
advance for your help.
						  -Louis J. D'Amico


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