A left handed cat?

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Hello John!

Wednesday October 18 1995 15:48, jstub at fox.nstn.ns.ca wrote to All:

 j> A question came up in my biology class today. "Do animals (I'll
 j> restrict it to mammals) show a preference to which *hand*  they use?"
 j> Experimental references would be appreciated.
Yes, they do. Most mammals with a fairly complex brain show handedness, this is
not restricted to animals that actualy have hands. This has to do with the
nonsymetrical left/right devision funtionality of the cortex. The right
hemisfere may contain mostly language abilities, the left mainly logic
thinking. etcetera.
I don't know any references, but any little bit 'advanced' neurosciences book
should have something written about it. (and references in it).

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