Moderating groups (was Grrr! )

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Thu Oct 19 13:21:04 EST 1995

Hello robison at!

Wednesday October 18 1995 14:48, robison at wrote to All:

 r> One solution to consider (though I have no clue if the code exists)
That would be a very simple shellscript.
 r> would a simple scheme of automoderation:

 r>   1. We consider b.i-t a simple little club (it is after all! :-).
 r>   2. Member's posts are automatically passed through.
 r>   3. You get to be a member by making _one_ on-topic post.

Just add one other thing: once the group sees a posting that should not be
there, the user is kicked out of the datebase and will always be moderated.

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