Douglas C Pearson dopearso at
Thu Oct 19 09:11:18 EST 1995

Dave Kristofferson <kristoff at NET.BIO.NET> wrote:
>I was wondering when someone would finally notice that 8-).
>bionet.twaddle is a local test group only.  Unfortunately when we made
>the gif it inadvertently took centerstage at the bottom of the gif and
>wasn't noticed until later.  I've got too many other things to worry
>about than take the time to clean this one up 8-).  It will probably
>remain cast eternally in cyberstone.

actually, bionet.twaddle sounds like a name for a truly fun newsgroup.
i mean, scientists can be frivlous, too, can't we?

there would be the small matter of a charter, of course, but oh well...

chuck pearson - dopearso at
osu biophysics program, chemistry 121 ta, daddy of amelia catherine pearson.

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