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: >>>Someone told me that if you get invited on an interview, the program 
: >>pays for your airfare and lodging which struck me as a little too generous.
: >>>Anyone know the scoop?

: >No graduate school I've ever heard of has a pot of money set aside
: >for interviewing prospective students. I have seen cases where 
: >an advisor was so keen on a particular student that he paid for
: >the student to visit. That is rare, and is limited to cases where
: >the advisor has enough money kicking around to fund the trip (less
: >and less common today) and the student is perceived as being so
: >exceptional, or having highly desireable skills, as to justify
: >some aggressive recruiting. 

In many of the life sciences, the programs pick up most if not all of the costs.
Every interview I went on was fully paid for by the school (including air-fare
and a hotel room if needed).  We have had students go on interviews this year
to a number of schools (in programs in microbiology/biochemistry, etc.).  So
at least in these areas its not that unusual.

Mike McCann

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