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Ryan Brown Ryan.Brown at
Thu Oct 19 21:52:17 EST 1995

Hello, all!

Laguna Blanca School's Endangered Species Program has helped a number of
species of fish from Lake Victoria in Africa survive becoming extinct.  Over
the past three years we have bred hundreds of fish, and currently have about
one third of the world's population in our biology lab.

The Endangered Species program is not supported at all by the school: only by
our fund raisers and donations from individuals and environmental groups.  To
help fund our program, each year we sell T-Shirts from a company called Human-
i-Tees that produces 20 different colorful designs of T-Shirts.  If you would
like to find out more about our program, and view color pictures of the twenty
T-shirt designs, and would like to find out how to order shirts, visit our web
page at:

or write to our program director, Joel Groberg, at jgroberg at

Thank you!


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