Teresa Dou teresad at
Fri Oct 20 19:13:04 EST 1995

I have performed an experiment on the Chlamydomonas.  I 've prepared 
three different solutions of different pH.  The first one is around pH 5, 
the second is around pH 9.5  and the control (Chlamydomonas medium) is 
about pH 6.5.  The amount of oxygen produced by the Chlamydomonas in the 
acidic solution is higher than the basic one.  Why does this happen?  
Will the Chlamydomonas capable to live an environment that is affected by 
the acid rain? or in an environment that is polluted by commercial 
substances (basic solution, ie. soap, detergent)?  How do they cope with 
the chemicals?  What are the range of their pH (ability to tolerate other 
toxic substances/chemicals?

Can you also suggest articles or texts or experiments which deal with this 

Thank you very much!

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