Update on specific SuperFund site

Cynthia Donahey cdonahey at freenet.columbus.oh.us
Fri Oct 20 18:45:41 EST 1995


A number of things have happened on my SuperFund site in the last few
months. I thought I would share them.  The actual site is an old landfill
my father-in-law operated in the seventies. Across the road is the site of
the area dump, which was in existence for about a hundred years.  Activity
stopped there maybe in the early sixties sometimes. Anyway, a bunch of
sandstone fell off the knoll and into the landfill property. I suppose the
blueberry plant(s) was lost.  We walked down from the knoll on the left
hand side facing the road.  There are a numnber of dead spaces in there,
where nothing grows. There are still traces of a long-ago off-the road
trespasser.  Leachate forms along the road in the spring. It smells kind
of acrid.  I have some perennial sweet pea seeds ripening in the garden -
and I suppose I'll add another introduced species there. I don't think the
blueberry could survive down so low. There was a grass fire near the oil
well. It didn't reach it, so that was a good thing.  An old mattress was
the originating point. The fire department must have gotten there quickly.
 The junk yard had edged away alittle, for some reason.
We crossed the road and hiked on the other side.  There used to be a path
through the old dump, where layers of melted glass proliferated.  I
couldn't even find the path. Instead we moved up and found the hermit
(?),s orchard -f two apple trees and a pear can make up an orchard.  There
were other garden remnants as well - small bearded iris and ajuga - and of
course, lots of honeysuckle habitat. The view from the orchard is as
stupendous as the one from the knoll.  Fifties junk was everywhere.  In
the fifties, gangs of boys and men used to go there to shoot rats at
night.  They'd arrive and turn off the lights - and then at a signal, all
the lights would go on and everyone would start shooting. They set fires
too, from what I understand.  The hermit would start shooting and call the
cops. It was only when I found the orchard, did I understand how terrible
it must have been.  The guns, dispersal of rats and fear of fire. Not far
from the orchard - close to a side road, we found this small degraded

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