Keith R. Kuhn kkuhn at pennet.net
Fri Oct 20 21:41:30 EST 1995

In article <1995Oct19.170559.28226 at leeds.ac.uk>,
   wilsonpj at eng.derby.ac.uk (Peter Wilson) wrote:
>Could some one tell me the sort of ratio of heperin to 
blood that should be
>used so that the cells do not lys.  Please excuse my 
spelling I do not have a
>spell checker and am not a very good speller.
>Peter Wilson
>I have never heard of heparin causing cells to lysis.  
Are you adding it to whole blood?  If so, go with a 
commerical tube with the heprin premeasured.  Also comes 
prepacked in columes.  4% is used in beaded agrose.

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