PEPPER SPRAY for defense!

Wesley Mahurin wesmahu at
Sun Oct 22 04:20:00 EST 1995

 - PEPPER SPRAY is a liquid shot out of a small canister into the face of an 
   assailant, or would-be assailant, that causes immediate inflammation of the
   eyes and throat.  The resulting inflammation causes the eyes to close and all
   breathing, except the minimum amount to sustain life, to stop.  This allows 
   the victim enough time to escape and obtain help. 
 - Seven of Clubs Imports PEPPER SPRAY is made from the capsicum 
   family of the pepper plant (cayenne).  If you have ever gotten cayenne 
   in your eye you know how effective this spray is!
* Why pepper spray for defense?
  - PEPPER SPRAY affects every ALL living things:
  - Electronic stun guns ONLY work on humans NOT animals!
  - Mace and tear gas will NOT work on people under the influence of 
    pain reducing drugs or medication, psychotic individuals, Angry, vicious 
    animals normally are NOT affected by mace or tear gas.

  - Patented holster - spray can be fired while in holster
  - Patented holster can be used as a key ring.  If you have your keys then
    you have your PEPPER SPRAY.  Perfect for forgetful people
  - Key ring can also be used to hang the PEPPER SPRAY on a hook by
    your door, always within easy reach!
  - Contains ultraviolet dye that doesn't wash off for weeks - excellent aid to    
     assist police in identifying the assailant
  - Will fire up to 15 one second shots
  - Contains the highest concentration of pepper spray allowed by law
  - Canister includes lock to prevent accidental firing
  - Up to an eight foot range - can be used for standoff defense
  - Comes in choice of burgundy or black holster
  - 2 year shelf life!
  - Completely natural ingredients
  - Pays for itself in piece of mind alone!

  - Each PEPPER SPRAY retails for $19.95 but Seven of Clubs Imports has obtained the 
    ability to offer you this amazing product for only $12.95 + $2.00 shipping!
  - or purchase two PEPPER SPRAYS for $22.00 + $2.00 shipping
  - Mail check or money order to (pls allow checks 7 working days to clear bank):
	J. Wesley Mahurin
	2403 Bruce Avenue NBU 99
	Tucson AZ 85708-1313

The perfect gift for someone you love - the gift of security!

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