PEPPER SPRAY for defense!

John Vick Roy vickroy at
Sun Oct 22 21:39:51 EST 1995

SPAM Picante!  Just whack 'em with a large bottle of Tabasco (R) sauce.  It's  
cheaper. :-)

In article <wesmahu.14.012180EB at> wesmahu at (Wesley 
Mahurin) writes:>From: wesmahu at (Wesley Mahurin)
>Subject: PEPPER SPRAY for defense!
>Date: Sun, 22 Oct 1995 04:20:00 LOCAL

<<  Much Spam deleted here>>

>  - Each PEPPER SPRAY retails for $19.95 but Seven of Clubs Imports has obtained the 
>    ability to offer you this amazing product for only $12.95 + $2.00 shipping!
>  - or purchase two PEPPER SPRAYS for $22.00 + $2.00 shipping
>  - Mail check or money order to (pls allow checks 7 working days to clear bank):
>        J. Wesley Mahurin
>        2403 Bruce Avenue NBU 99
>        Tucson AZ 85708-1313

>The perfect gift for someone you love - the gift of security!

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