Meeting, CYTO 97 "Cell Signalling"

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Mon Oct 23 09:01:30 EST 1995

Preliminary Announcement CYTO 97

Following the success of CYTO 95 the Royal Microscopical Society wishes 
to announce that CYTO 97 will be held in in YORK (UK) on 6th - 9th July 

Once again the main theme of the meeting will be the contribution of 
microscopic and related techniques to the investigation of "Cell 
Signalling".  There will be two main parallel strands to CYTO '97 one 
will look at the fundamental biology of "Cell Signalling" whilst the 
other will cover pathological aspects.

One of the principle sub-themes this time will be "Cell Signalling in 
Infection, immunity and inflammation".

The names of headline speakers will be announced soon and details of the 
meeting made available.

Allied to CYTO 97 will be an extensive commerical exhibition including 
companies presenting the very latest equipment and reagents for the 
investigation of cell signalling.

For information on CYTO 97 and all the other meetings and courses held 
by the RMS please contact:

The Royal Microscopical Society
37/38 St. Clements
Oxford OX4 1AJ

tel 01865 248 768
fax 01865 791 237
e-mail RMS at 

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