Article on buying and selling used lab equipment

Robert Finn finn at
Mon Oct 23 19:23:39 EST 1995

I am a free-lance science writer working on assignment for "The Scientist" 
(where I am a contributing editor) on an article about using the Internet for 
buying and selling used laboratory equipment.

I wish to contact people who have used various Internet services for that 
purpose.  Please send me e-mail (within the next few days), briefly describing 
your experience, including any benefits or pitfalls that my readers should be 
aware of.  Please include your name, title, and phone number in case I need to 
contact you.  (I will wish to conduct telephone interviews with some of you.)

Thank you for your attention, and please excuse me if I've posted this to any 
inappropriate newsgroups.  If I have, do let me know, and also let me know if 
there are any newsgroups to which I should have posted this but didn't.


Robert Finn
finn at

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