The Toxic Waste Boys

Cynthia Donahey cdonahey at
Tue Oct 24 11:39:27 EST 1995

Part II of Update on Specific SuperFund Site.
Part I deal with the mattress fire that came close to the oil well on the
SuperFund Site, the rockfall from the knoll (thanks in part to an
overzealous groundhog); and some history about the olddump on the other
side of the road.

The degraded wetland is on a side road from Clay Banks Road.  The whole
area had no paths until recently, when a number of boys have cut a series
of paths through this area of honeysuckle habitat.  There may be girls; I
just didn't see any.  A couple of weeks ago, I though I spotted two of the
culprits.  One was in Halloween costume making grunting sounds.  I suppose
he has the energy to keep this up until Halloween.  Anyway, I saw no use
in talking to them and telling them to stay out.  The wetland seems to be
completely dead filled with quicksand-like muck and old tires, man-made
rocks, and parts of various vehicles etc.  A week later, it was full of
water from the previous rains. I guess a stream used to go through there. 
On the other side of the road, there is a ravine and an on-again off-again
stream at the bottom adjacent to the SuperFund landfill site. I'm not sure
how dangerous all this is. There is all kinds of wildlife there -
excluding the wetland - including a snake in the orchard with a triangular
shape in it's midsection last week, so there are voles, moles etc. If I
could talk to the parents of these boys.  They're not likely to
voluntarily jump in that wetland - most likely, they'd end up covered with
muck after being pushed in after a fight.  If they come home, muck ridden
and dirty, put some plastic on the back of a pickup truck - dump the
kid(s) in and drop them off at Childrens Services for a bath and a checkup
to see if they have ingested any toxic wastes.  Let Childrens Services
argue with the EPA over who has responsibility for this later on.  If the
kid tests out ok, take him back. 

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