PEPPER SPRAY for defense!

David G. Kitaguchi davidk at
Tue Oct 24 12:03:40 EST 1995

In article 012180EB at,  wesmahu at (Wesley Mahurin) writes:
>* What is PEPPER SPRAY?

false drivel deleted

>  - Each PEPPER SPRAY retails for $19.95 but Seven of Clubs Imports has obtained the 
>    ability to offer you this amazing product for only $12.95 + $2.00 shipping!
>  - or purchase two PEPPER SPRAYS for $22.00 + $2.00 shipping
>  - Mail check or money order to (pls allow checks 7 working days to clear bank):
>	J. Wesley Mahurin

Strange, the local shops around here sell the stuff for 6.95 and up.
And it hardly has a kick compared to some good chili.  So in general
I wouldn't waste your time with a product that is over priced and 
well the information given about the product is wrong as well.

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