Ras Mutation Database ?!?

Kay Gottesman ksg at gdb.org
Wed Oct 25 09:45:06 EST 1995

In article <465q7h$1p8 at ugress.uib.no>, Rein Aasland <aasland at bio.uib.no> writes:
> Hi,
> Does anyone know if there is a database containing information
> on the occurence of different mutations in the ras oncogenes 
> in human tumours ?  - online, www or anything ?!?
> Thanks!
> Rein Aasland
> Laboratory of Biotechnology
> University of Bergen
> Norway.

The Genome Data Base (GDB) on WWW contains information about ras oncogenes
and is located at:  http://gdbwww.gdb.org/

Select "GDB via WAIS" and search Loci and Citations for the term "ras". 

In addition to relevant entries containing the term "ras", the WAIS searching
assumes that any term ending in "s" is a plural and will also retrieve the singular
form of the word. So you will notice some non-relevant entries containing "ra".

If you have any further questions about GDB, please contact GDB User Support at
help at gdb.org

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