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Brian Fristensky frist
Wed Oct 25 16:25:51 EST 1995

amuelle3 at gwdu19.gwdg.de (Arne Mueller ) wrote:
>I'm loking for a free software to draw plasmids (and linear DNA) with 
>gen-loci etc ... . I use xfig, but it's difficult to point out loci with the
>exact length eithin the plasmid. Perhaps you know a latex packet that ca do
>this or another free software. Please send me a mail.

I routinely use TGIF for the same purpose. It's a free Unix
drawing program. I don't know the FTP site for it, but when
the program starts it tells you the email address of the author:

William Chia-Wei Cheng (william at cs.ucla.edu)

To see some examples of TGIF-generated plasmid figures, look
at my web page listed below under 'Clones'.

While you're there, you can follow the links to web pages describing
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The administration has set up a web page with their own
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They have demonstrated their lack of commitment to academic
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I urge readers to take a look at these pages. What's
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