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Sat Oct 28 00:49:26 EST 1995

On 27 Oct 1995, Dave Most wrote:

> I would appreciate any information regarding celiac disease (also known
> as celiac sprue).					
> Please send any information to the following E mail address.  
> Thank you.
> Mr. Anatole T. Most

	Funny you should ask...

	My cousins 8 yr old son was recently (last week or so) with 
Celiac Sprue.  The Dr's told his mother that it is a genetic disease 
which is prevalent among those of Irish lineage, as is the case with my 
family.  According to the family grapevine, the condition has something 
to do with the lining of the small intestine, which prevents the uptake 
of iron.  Also, ingestion of food containing gluten, such as bread, 
results in the production of substances which are toxic to some extent.  
Other than that, I have no more information.  But, I am also interested 
in any information to be had.  Please forward anything you can add or 
corrections to the address below.



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