Survey: Teachers' use of networks in teaching

Brian W Rigatti bwrst1+ at
Sun Oct 29 18:22:05 EST 1995

Fellow Science Teachers:

I am a graduate student at the University of Pittsburgh working
towards my Master's degree in science education.  As part of my
thesis, I am looking at the way that secondary science teachers use
computer networks to aid in their teaching.  I am also interested
in what type of factors influence the use of the networks (ie, type
of school, socio-economic factors of the district, etc.).  Attached
below is a survey that I constructed (based on a similar study by
Hadley and Sheingold, 1993, Am. J. Ed., 101, p. 261-315) to help me
address this issue.  I would greatly appreciate your responses to
the survey.  Completed surveys can be returned to me two ways:

     1.   By Emailing the completed survey to me:
               bwrst1+ at

     2.   By U.S. Postal Service:
               Brian Rigatti
               735 Ninth Avenue
               Brackenridge, PA  15014

The survey should take about twenty minutes, or less, to complete. 
I am hoping to get all the responses before Thanksgiving break
(Wednesday, November 22, 1995) so that I can analyze the data
during the recess.  I thank you in advance for you help and
cooperation with my project.


Brian W. Rigatti

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I.   Background Information:

     The following information will be used only to compare
     demographics of the different types of school districts and
     their uses of computer systems and online services.

Subject:                                Grade Level:          
School District/State:                                        
Type of School:          Private             Public

Size of School:                 

Ethnic Group Representation:       Caucasian
     (percentages)                 African/American
                                   Native American/Alaskan

Type of Area:       Large City
                    Small City/Town
                    Rural Town
                    Suburban Town

Economic Status of District (average family income):
                    less than $7,000
                    between $7,001 and 15,000
                    between $15,001 and $25,000
                    between $25,001 and $40,000
                    between $40,001 and $75,000
                    over $75,000

Type of Occupations in the school district (please provide
percentages if known):
                    Managerial and Professional
                    Sales, Clerical and Technical
                    Household, Protective and other services
                    Precision Production, Construction
                    Machine Operators, Inspectors
                    Laborers and others

Number of computers in the district for teachers and students to
use:      Teachers:                Students:           

II.  Teacher Experience and Training:

Age:                     Sex:           

Number of years teaching:               

Number of years using computers in teaching:           

Do you have a computer at home for personal use:
               Yes                      No

How you started using online services:
          Formal training (ie, college courses)
               Courses in graduate/undergraduate training
               Courses at local college (post-graduate)
          Informal training
               Seminar setting (provided by district)
               Seminar setting (on own initiative) 
          Instruction from other teachers

III. Uses of Computer Systems in Teaching Science:

1.   What type of computer online resources do you use as an aid in
     teaching your science class?
               Bulletin Board Systems (non-commercial)
               On-line information Services (America Online,
               CompuServ, etc.)
               UseNet Resources (ie,, sci.chem)
               List Servers (databases using Email addresses to
               obtain computer files)
               Mailing lists (discussion lists via Email)
               Online libraries (ie, Current Content, ERIC)

2.   What type of information or files does a secondary science
     teacher search for when using these online resource?
               Lesson plans
               Practice science problems, tests, or worksheets
               Computer programs
               Visual aides (ie, graphics)
               Discussion with colleagues (trading of tips

3.   Is the information provided by these online services at an
     appropriate level for secondary science classes?
               Too Advanced  (Please explain)                     
               Too general  (Please explain)                      
4.   Do you, the science teacher, personally use the online
     services?  Or do the students use them for individual study? 
     Please explain.
5.   How do you, or your students, use online services:
               To expand on what was taught
               To make the subject more interesting
               Make learning more fun
               More quality time for students
               Help students to become independent thinkers
               Give students a second chance (extra credit)
               Opportunity for gifted students
               Teacher development
               Exchange of resources (ie, lesson plans, software
               programs) with other teachers
               Exchange of ideas with other teachers

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