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On 30 Oct 1995, Sean Eddy wrote:

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>    [about signed vs. anonymous peer review]
> Dr. Berezin, I'm just curious -- do you sign your reviews?

No, apart one or two cases I don't do this. I don't believe that
to rectify such fundamental aberration as system of anonymous PR,
individual Don Quixotian examples can do too much. Howewer, in
all cases I am reviewing (papers only; I don't review grant 
proposals), I provide all suggestions to the author(s) on how the
paper can be improved (even if it is truly weak paper). I never
mark box "reject outright" and write instead to the editor that
I am leaving decision with him/her.

Obviously, if I will see a case of a clear plagiarism or exact 
repetition of already done work (of which the author may be 
sincerely unaware), I will reject such a paper (and state
the reasons), but so far it never happen in my practice.

Saying all this does not preclude me from criticising APR as 
a SYSTEM and keep finding more and more arguments against it.

And I repeat: so far, I have NOT seen one truly convincing,
irrefutable reason FOR Anon.PR (why it is better than the 
open) : if you do have one, please put it forward for the 

Alex Berezin

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