Wood Worms?

James Mahaffy mahaffy at dordt.edu
Mon Oct 30 09:31:32 EST 1995

John Skilton (skilton at ssnet.com) wrote:
: I just noticed some little creatures living in my firewood pile.  They look
: like tiny worms - no more than 1/2 inch in length - and they've bored little
: holes in the pieces of wood.  Someone told me they may be "wood worms", but
: I've never heard of such a thing.

: Does anyone know anything about the existence of wood worms?  Is there a
: product on the market that will kill them without making my firewood toxic
: when it burns?  Will the upcoming cold weather and frost kill them?  Any
: insights would be appreciated.


	Look carefully at the front part of the "worms". I suspect they are
insect larvae.  I suspect they can live fine through frost. I would not
bother trying to kill them. If the wood is stored so it can really get
dry, you probably will cut down on these chaps.  If the worms are white
and trashing, you have some nematode worms, but they are probably living
in old holes of insects since they don't make holes themselves. 

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