Last Update on One Particular SuperFund Site

Cynthia Donahey cdonahey at
Mon Oct 30 18:36:09 EST 1995

The SuperFund site is located around a knoll, which is reported to be the
highest point in Hocking County. People do trespass there. I guess they
always have and always will.  I think the access road was once an Indian
trail, because the place does call to people.  It was a kind of Commons. 
Out of practicality, the old dump sjust sort of evolved in the same place.
 My husband has always taken pictures of the graffiti. He has the initials
of many a courting couple painted on large pieces of sandstore that have
fallen off the knoll.  One young lady named Angel was very popular this
spring. Her name was everywhere. Yes, we do have pictures. Someone came
and blacked her name out. They must have spent more time e blacking them
out, than the original perpetrator. I've never seen any  obscenities
painted there.  If there have been, some neighbor has taken care of it. 
They have to look at it from the road.

The methane leak is gone.  My husband, when I complained about the smell,
some years ago, said the crack would show up somewhere else - maybe larger
and in a more inconvenient place, and refused. I don't know if it closed
naturally or if someone else plugged it. 

On page 43 of the November 95 issue of the Smithsonian, there is a
semi-scholarly discussion of risk. Serious criticisms of the SuperFund are
made, but I can hardly throw away the idea completely as this author seems
content to do. Maybe somebody paid him off.  He does not mention water table
damage or the increased
risk of fire etc, just prevention of a few cancer deaths.  In any case,
local citizens must want a cleanup. People must stop trying to assess
blame. IIt can't be a get-rich scheme. All available technologies must be
used in cooperation with each other.  It should be done as cheaply as
possible. I'm not sure it is possible.

Cynthia Donahey
Halloween Eve 1995

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