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Jason Kennerly (jkenner at wrote:
> paul at (Paul Budnik) writes:
> > However the cost of nuclear power is so high it *never* pays back its
> > cost of construction except by soaking the rate payers. This is not
> > a theoretical consideration for me. I pay among the highest electrical
> > rates in the nation to support a nuclear white elephant.
> > Of course we have no idea what the costs (including energy costs) are for
> > storing the radioactive byproducts for thousands of years. Those
> > costs are left to future generations of tax payers.

> Stick them in a salt dome and FORGET ABOUT THEM!!! Would you believe that 
> psychologists, artists, and other random folks have actually been 
> comissioned to figure out how to make a "warning" to cultures 10,000 
> years from now to NOT OPEN the deposit???

Of course we don't care at all if somebody will open the deposit, do we?


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