Where to stay in Baton Rouge, Louisianna, USA?

Matthew D. White mwhite at chaparral.fse.ulaval.ca
Fri Sep 1 19:48:11 EST 1995


I hope that this is not too far off topic.  I am going to a conference,
the SSIB/NAASO, Oct 12-18 1995 in Baton Rouge, Louisianna, USA. I am
financing most of the trip myself so I need an inexpensive place to stay. 
If any other biologists from the region could give me any tips on
inexpensive place to stay I would be most appreciative.  I have a couple
of free days and thought about going to New Orleans....sounds like and
interesting place with its history being related to Canada...where I am
from!!  What is worth seeing there?  

Thanks for any help,


PS You can email directly if your prefer.

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