Cloning--a novel idea

Ingrid Jakobsen ingrid at
Sun Sep 3 01:34:16 EST 1995

In article <41l5ud$cjo at>, gwmartin at (glover martin) writes:
> matkisso at wrote:
>: Point of curiosity:  Unless some rare circulating stem cell happened to be
>: present, wouldn't the B and T cell DNA in the blood belong to committed cells
>: whose antigen recognition repertoire has been determined?  Presuming you could
>: clone the whole individual human, is it reasonable to think the clone would be,
>: for all practical purposes, immunodeficient?

> This is a good point.  Mature B and T cells have large deletions in 
> the Ig and TCR loci.  But what I wonder is what the proportion of B and T 
> cells is to the other circulating leukocytes, which would not have 
> rearranged (as far as we know) genomes.  Anybody got info on this?

I can't believe I'm getting involved in this. 

Anyway, the deletions shouldn't be a problem - the B cells will have 
intact TCR loci and the T cells intact Ig loci. At least I can't imagine
there'd be any reason to rearrange them. You would have to be careful
to not use sequences with deletions in your reconstruction, of course.


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