Life Duty Death

Julie Locascio julie.cpc at
Tue Sep 5 12:58:47 EST 1995

>Some of what you say is VERY true. We must STOP "feeding the children"! 
>Every time I see Sally Struthers whining about the poor starving 
>children, I think 'Yeah, they're the children of the children we fed LAST 
>time around!!'

How do you know that YOU are not the grandchild of somebody who 
EVER received charity?  Do you have some sort of documentation to prove that 
every single one of your ancestors never took a handout?

>What we NEED to do is to attach foreign aid to birth ontrol/sterilization 
>mathods! "You want to eat? Sure! But don't expect us to feed your 

For your information, many foreign aid agencies, including the U.S. Agency for 
International Development. hurl condoms around a lot faster than they hurl 
bread.  Economic development leads to population stability, not vice versa.  
If you don't like the approach of one foreign aid organization, there are many 
with other approaches.

And I find it hard to believe you are self-sufficient and have never 
benefitted from any gift in your entire life.

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