Genpept release vs SwissProt?

Bjorn Vennstrom bjorn.vennstrom at
Wed Sep 6 02:54:02 EST 1995

In article <4227q7$11h at>, "Gary W. Smythers"

>      This is to announce the availability of release 90.0 of the GenPept(R) 
> (GenBank Gene Products) Database.  GenPept is provided in a format similar 
> to that formerly distributed by GenBank(R) under the administration of 
> Intelligenetics Inc.  This GenPept release IS _NOT_ AN OFFICIAL RELEASE FROM 
> THE NCBI-GENBANK, but an attempt to provide a data file format compatible 
> with existing software products.  
> This data format is suitable as an input data file for the GCG program
> GenBankToGCG/GENPEPT.  Compatibility with other software has not been tested.

What is the difference between GenPept and SwissProt, if any? It appears
to me that both represent conceptual translations of the EMBL/GenBank
databases which are essentially identical due to an exchance of sequence
information. Why do we need GenPept when SwissProt was established years


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