Life Duty Death

Julie Locascio julie.cpc at
Fri Sep 8 15:07:02 EST 1995

>Where does it say in the US Constitution that we are to take in the over flow 
>population from Mexico or any other unrestricted poor breeding country and provide 
>welfare for them... 

Where does it say in the Constitution that we were to annihilate the Indians 
to get them out of our way, that we were to use slaves imported from Africa to 
build up our country, that we were to use cheaply paid Chinese immigrants to 
build the railroads....It is called HISTORY.  History does not NEED a mandate 
to happen.  The Constitution did not declare that women should get the vote, 
but we have it now.

We are a country of immigrants--the VAST majority of whom came here for 
economic opportunity or as slaves, not as political refugees.  Get a clue.

>Question was Ms Garcia on Welfare.. If so why does she have the right to continue to 
>breed children and expect the rest of the world to support them.. I would bet this was 
>a non supporting household  one that lives on the public dole...

The point of welfare in these situations is to help care for the children.  
Our society has tried to maintain a philosophy that children are "innocent' 
and should not be punished for the transgressions of their parents, that all 
children are born with equal citizenship rights regardless of whether they 
were born in Beverly Hills or in some slum.  I will say again, if you feel 
people like that are making poor choices when they have more children, then 
provide them with information, education, and job opportunities to broaden 
their perspective. 

And may I remind you that EVERYBODY in this country 
benefits from public spending in some form or another.  Do you have any idea 
how many people are employed in military bases, post offices, and public 
universities alone?  Do you understand that middle-class homeowners are 
purposefully given tax breaks to encourage home ownership and (presumably 
related) middle class citizenship attitudes?  Do you realize how many "private 
sector" companies get rich off of public contracts?  Does the Chrysler bailout 
ring a bell?

If you don't like the way Congress distributes federal money, then run for 
Congress or lobby Congress, but if you start PHYSICALLY ASSAULTING the poor, 
don't be surprised if they fight back.

>Julie your issue about why the US owes Mexico or any other country anything is a 

>If the Poor would possibly take responsibility for raising the children they feel so free 
>to bring into the world

The reason their fertility is so high is because Western doctors brought 
medicine and vaccinations to them without the other accroutements of Western 
civilization.  EVERY demography book will EXPLAIN to you the demogaphic 
transition, if you BOTHER to read about it.  ALL pre-modern societies have 
high birth rates AND high death rates.  When birth rates decline and women 
realize that instead of 3 of their 12 children surviving, that 10 of their 12 
children are surviving, they will gradually realize they do not need to have 
12 children--PROVIDED that they ALSO have educational and job opportunities.  
If they do not, they will be forced to maintain a primarily agricultural 
lifestyle, in which case a large number of children provides labor to help the 
family earn money.  Children simply are not as productive in cities--and that, 
combined with higher levels of education, is why urban birth rates EVEN IN THE 
THIRD WORLD are lower than rural ones.  If you get so upset about high birth 
rates, you should educate yourself about them and find out why they have been 
in decline all over the world, and why they are declining faster in some 
places than in others.

>Until then I invoke the Golden Rule   I have to put out the Gold to support this 
>breeding machine, I make the rule as to whether she can continue to breed  and her 
>feelings are irrelavent..

I have had to put out the Gold for a lot of things I do not support, as do all 
citizens.  Her feelings may be irrelevant to you, but her human rights are not 
irrelevant to a lot of the rest of us who believe that, yes, a threat to 
justice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.  So you better stay within 
the law and watch your hindside if you don't.  

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