Life Duty Death

gillespie john jgille1
Fri Sep 8 11:52:48 EST 1995

gaia,huh?or however the heck its spelled.  Frankly     I'm a little sceptical
of ranting on about how the white man's tech has lead to a truly messed up
situation and then in the same breath suggesting more white tech to remedy the
problem.    I   agree that most of what the  western worlds enlightenment and
resulting revelutions in technology has lead to just as many disasters as it
has cures.Being a pagan myself i think the earth has the answer to this crisis
and should be left to her own devices.  the answer is not just another quick
fix(i.e. birth control). think about, it what is birth control specifically
meant to do?interrupt the flow of life,  and thats just more of the same old
stuff thats been trashing this earth all along .i dont like the idea of
thousands of desease ridden starving children but this birth control thing is
more evil and will lead to more destruction of the planet.

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