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Wed Sep 13 15:27:29 EST 1995

On Wed, 13 Sep 1995, Marnix L. Bosch wrote:

> This thread does NOT belong here. Can't we get rid of it?
> Marnix Bosch
> -- 
> Marnix L. Bosch
> marnix at


	I've tried in the most polite way to get this string off of this 
particular newgroup to no won't die.  I guess that the few 
people that have kept it alive (continually posting to the entire group 
instead of between themselves) believe that this group is actually 
interested in it.  If you try suggesting that this may not be of interest 
to this will probably be flamed and accused of being a narrow 
minded bone-head.  I simply skip over the messages containing these 
particular subject headings and messages written by some of the more 
zealous contributors.

Greg Abel

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