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Wed Sep 13 12:52:58 EST 1995

Dannie, I have a sincere question for you, and for others here. I am 
really in the middle on all this. I am three fourths German (German 
branch of the family got Ehrenkunde cert in 3rd Reich, I believe) and one 
fourth Danish. IF I follow racialist theory, I'm "of Aryan stock" 
although of Phalic grouping rather than Nordic. All this and a dollae 
will buy me a cup of coffee:)
All this ought to make me very desireable to 'continue the Race' and all 
that. Except for a few sticky details... My mother and father were 
alcoholics. My father (half Danish, half German) drank himself to death 
when I was four. My mother (pure German) had died earlier. I am affected 
by that alcoholism. You see, I was partially blinded by Fetal Alcohol 
syndrome. I am losing the rest of my sight gradually. Obviously, I have 
NO wish to continue the genetic strain and have had no children.
My question is, where di _I_ fit in your Barbarian society? Should I have 
died at birth? To be brutally honest, I feel that I, and my siblings who 
are scattered and lost to me, should have NEVER been born! Racial purity 
(so called) has NOT saved my line from destruction. There are probably 
many other racial family lines better than ours. What is the criterion 
for admission into an "Aryan" society? 
The Viking and Asatru cultures would say that loyalty and defense of clan 
and kin are paramount. In Viking society, my parents would not have been 
permitted to behave as they did. I would have been born healthy. In a 
sense, I am "wasted" genetic potential!
I FEEL my German and Norse heritage. I am called *deeply* by it. And yet, 
by what I know of racialist philosophy, I would have NO place among any 
Kindred. why? How do we deal with the effects of American culture on  our 
Kind? Please consider this and we can discuss it.


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