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: >Cancer is not an epidemic. There are no health problems that

: Actually Skin Cancer has been on the increase in recent years, and if
: the size of the hole in the Ozone reported by scientists yesterday is
: correct, will get worse - the hole DOUBLED in size from last year, to
: an area the size of Europe.

   No one speaks of the effect of the decline in strength of the magnetic
poles on the ozone layer.  Juneman(sp?) wrote of the comming flip of the
geomagnetic field back in the early 70's in Industrial Research Magazine. 
I think he said the time frame was something like 2010 - 2150.  The
geomagnetic field is already rather weak in the southern latitudes.  Some 
say it is half what it use to be when humans were evolving.  
   There are some implications that this colapse could explain some of our
health problems.  It has been said that our cells MAY use the Shuman
warble, roughly 7.8 cycles per second, as a clock.  There is some
anecdotal evidence that a stronger geomagnetic field is conducive to
better health, but the theories of IGA acting as a biological transistor
seem... dubious.  Sorry that I can't find the medical article that was
faxed to me last year or the year before, it may have faded and been
   Anyone have any more factual information on this phenomenon?  Please cite

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