General enquiry - cerebral malaria

Neal Crankshaw cranks at
Sat Sep 16 10:49:00 EST 1995

Good morning.

I would appreciate it if anyone with any experience would take the time to 
fill me in a little on cerebral malaria. I would appreciate a fair amount of 
detail on the biochemical and clinical details, or a reference to an on-line 
source (after having graduated, my access to a university library is no more).

I ask, as a cousin of mine has just made a recovery from it after having been 
pulled out of Mocambique in a coma, and I'm lead to believe that this is quite 
an achievement. Of coures, in seeking an explanation, the family's first 
reaction is "Ask Neal... he's got a degree in Biochemistry". Yeah... right. My 
total understanding of cerebral malaria ends at the buisness end of the 

Thanks in advance, net-folk

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