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This week I will talk about Herbal Formula #1. Developed from a selection
 of about four thousand herbs, this formula was derived with the idea of teaching the
 body to co-exist with the HIV virus. "The following is a personal account of my three 
years on herbal #1."
	I began taking it at about 50 T-4 cells. Other choices were either too toxic or gave
 an allergic reaction. In the fall of '91 there just wasn't many good choices. After my third
 bout of drug induced pancreatitis, Dr. Goh offered a group of us the chance to try it in the
 original "tea" form. (Please note here, that I have blood work from Medpath to back up
 what I am going to tell you).
	In march of '92 we began taking it in encapsulated form due mostly to the rather
 pungent taste of the tea. The capsules are also easier on the stomach.
	In three six week tests I went from 50 to 290 T-4's ! But lets forget the bugaboo
 of T-4's for a minute. Over time I discovered that other readings in my blood work were 
tending to improve. I began to tell my doctor in advance, which markers would improve, 
based upon weather I was on or off formula #1. Things like Amylase and Triglyceride
readings were the first markers I began to notice. My feeling of fatigue was much better.
 I gained about 12 pounds and muscle aching and joint pain are all gone.
	But the really amazing development is that after years of being disqualified from 
studies for high liver readings due to Hepatitis B, I now have normal readings. Now isn't
 that nice....
	The usefulness of something that will normalize liver function in a PWA with 
under 100 T-cells and hepatitis to boot is obvious. But how about as a mediator drug
to enable someone to take a drug that is hard on the liver ? This is nothing to sneeze at 
and the AIDS treatment community should be jumping on this with both feet. I am sure
 glad I did.
	General Info: Cost about $100 per month. 
	Side Effects:  None known that are negative, but it seems to have some really 
		          nice positive side effects! It is also very easy on drug sensitive
		          people. I can personally attest to that. 
	Dosage:       Suggested is 12 capsules per day. (3x4). Some people report
		        taking a "low dose" of 6-8 per day.
	On 11-8-94 the N.Y. Times wrote of a new concept in AIDS treatment. One 
that did not try to kill the virus but to maintain the body with the virus. "Not only are 
they several years behind me, but are still about a thousand years behind 
Traditional Chinese Medicine. More next time.

Michael Anderson.

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