Looking For Standard Molecular Bio Lab Practices

Sandra Poudrier poudrier at coyote.csusm.edu
Mon Sep 18 18:19:08 EST 1995

I am looking for guidelines as to what are the standard laboratory 
practices used when working with molecular biology products.

Areas I am hoping to get information or references on:

Microbial Controls:

What level of microbial control is needed?
Can any level of microbial contamination be tolerated?


Is Dnase the only microbial contaminant to be concerned with when working 
with DNA?
Can any level of DNase be tolerated?
Is there a standardized test for detecting DNase?

Water Quality:

What precautions must be taken with the water for making preparations?  
Is sterile filtration of D.I. water acceptable or is it necessary to 
autoclave as well?
Are chemical or endotoxins ever a concern?


Is there any antigenicity or safety issues when working with lyophilized 

Regulatory Issues:

What regulatory or saftey concerns are there when working with DNA?  
If so where can that information be found?

I know there are many questions being asked in several different areas, 
but if you have any useful input for any one of them it would be very much 
appreciated.  Thank you for your time and expertise in these areas.  I am 
still a student and have a lot to learn.


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