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SciArt-L Users Discussion List--

SciArt-L: The On-line forum for Natural Science Art
An internet discussion list sponsored by the Guild of Natural
Science Illustrators (GNSI) and hosted by the University of Nebraska Computer Center for members of the Guild of Natural Science Illustrators and individuals that are interested in natural science illustration.

GNSI  Inc. is a non-profit organization of persons employed, or genuinely interested in the field of natural science illustration. As an organization we:

€ Promote better understanding of the profession by the general public and those persons requiring natural science illustration service.

€ Desire to maintain and further the profession through increased
communication of those involved.

€ Encourage and assist others with the desire and capabilities to enter the profession.

€ Increase respect for the profession through encouraging high standards of competence and ethics.

The purpose of this list is to allow members of GNSI Inc. and others
listserv subscribers to share information, ideas, and problems as related to natural science illustration. Please view this Listserv as a friendly place to share your experiences with people who share the same interests in natural science illustration.

SciArt-L users may also post announcements of interest such as
announcements, publications, network resources, technique tips, workshops, suppliers for hard-to find art materials, questions, and related news.

If you are interested in joining this mailing list, you can send an
electronic mail message to:

Listserv at

-With the following command in the body of your email message:

subscribe SciArt-L and your given name
ex: SciArt-L Britt Griswold

The list software will automatically get your email address from the header in your message.

Messages to be posted are sent to sciart-l at

If you have technical support issues that need immediate attention, send a message:

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If you have any comments, questions or suggestions about SciArt-L, feel free to contact Pauline Denham. pdenham at

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