Life Duty Death

Julie Locascio julie.cpc at
Wed Sep 20 11:10:49 EST 1995

>Julie Locascio (julie.cpc at wrote:

>: People who visited Niagara Falls told me that everybody has to wear 
>: disposable rain ponchos there because the acid in the falls just eats through
>: clothing and rubber rain ponchos.

>ERK! No.
>I live about 120 km. from the Falls, and generally end up strolling
>around there a few times a year.  Often, depending on the direction
>the wind is blowing, I get quite wet.
>There is no corrosive effect on any kind of normal clothing.

Perhaps what they told me was that people who worked as guides had to, 
because, over time, their clothing gotten eaten up.  Do you know any guides 
who work there daily?

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