How does Infrared Therapy work?

Rajesh Krishnamurthy krishnam at
Wed Sep 20 03:13:47 EST 1995

As mentioned in the subject, could somebody please tell me how infrared 
therapy (usually recommended for muscle strains etc.) works?

In a discussion I was having with a friend, it was suggested that muscles 
tend to relax (does this mean expand?) under action of heat, in this case 
supplied by infrared radiation and that is the mechanism of action of 
infrared therapy. Is this correct?

Does this mean that infrared therapy has the same effect as soaking in 
hot water? And is the expansion because everything expands with heat, or 
is it because the warmth triggers a process which ultimately results in 
"relaxation" of muscle?

If you could suggest any references I would be grateful.

Thank You.


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