argon laser replacement

Paul W. Betts paul_b at
Fri Sep 22 09:00:02 EST 1995


   I have an automated DNA sequencer which needs a replacement argon
laser.  I've been told by the manufacturer that I shouldn't replace the
laser without replacing the power source for the laser.  I have
anticipated having to replace a laser and expected a $2000.00 outlay every
couple of years - but an additional $9,000.00 for a new source as well?  I
was never prepared for such a contingency.  Is this for real?  Does
everyone running argon laser DNA sequencing apparati run into the same
problem?  Are we talking $10,000 + per year maintenance agreement or
$11,000 every 3 years?

Paul Betts
Biotechnology Center
UConn, Storrs
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