Emmanouil Ioannis Kapetanakis kapetana at
Sat Sep 23 16:37:17 EST 1995

Hello everyone, I am a senior in biology and would like to do a masters 
in marine biology. Does anyone know of any schools that offer such a 
program. Also which ones are considered "good" ones or "ivy league" ones, 
not that I think of that highly but a future employer might. Were are 
most oportunities available, what state/school. I am interested in 
marine mammals.  Also were are the jobs ? were can I work after I 
graduate ? And one final thing I am not very up on my ecology, does a 
marine biologist have to be high on that ? does he have to be kinda like 
the green peace type (recycle everything, don't eat meat ect) /radical 
ecologist ?

Please reply by e-mail at kapetana at

Thank you


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