summer programs for HS students?

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> I am looking for a summer research/fieldwork experience for a high school 
> student interested in biology as a career.  Programs for 11-12 grade 
> students, anywhere in the US, and at least 4 weeks long are of particular 
> interest. 
> I've queried NSF about the Young Scholars Program, but so far all I get 
> is a runaround.  Does anyone have any information about schools that 
> operate YS programs?  Who are they aimed at and what do they do?

A few years ago I spent two summers as a counselor for the NSF Young
Scholars Program at the University of California, Davis.  The program
lasted for 6 weeks during the summer.  It included seminars given by
university faculty, individual research by students under faculty
supervision, and weekend educational outings.  The program culminated with
a paper detailing the student's work, in the format of papers submitted to
scientific journals, and a presentation of the results of the student's
research.  Students' research ranged from molecular biology to ecology,
and a number of departments had faculty who sponsored Young Scholars.  

The program was run through the Division of Education.  I would suggest
you try there first.  Address your inquiry to:  Young Scholars Program,
Division of Education, University of California, Davis, CA  95616.  The
director of the program while I was involved is no longer at UC Davis.  I
think the new director is Rick Pomeroy.  Try writing to him at the above

I know there are other YSP's at different universities, but I don't know
anything about them.  Perhaps the people at UC Davis will be able to give
you more information about other programs.  If you have any other
questions about the UC Davis program or have trouble getting in touch with
them, feel free to e-mail me.

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