Aging is not all bad(Was Recipe for immortality)

Graham Dellaire popa0206 at PO-Box.McGill.CA
Sun Sep 24 11:45:40 EST 1995

Aging it seems is biologically conserved throughout most multicellular organisms
Why do you suppose this is?

One simple answer is that if we all lived forever we would soon exhaust all resources (food,  land etc)
and then we along with many other organisms would die out completely.  So although living forever 
seems appealing it is not feasible... and again such technology would be invariably expensive.  
Therefore only those that could afford it would live forever.... how would the poor prolitariate ever 
survive that.  But I digress.

I think a better use of technology would be to enable people to live a normal healthy life free of dimentia 
and other age related forms of disease until the end of their life which might average between 70-110 

As well part of being human is the fact that we age.  One generation gives way to the next and so on.  
Each decade of life has its own challenges and joys.  Can you imagine the unemployment statistics, if 
for instance the "baby-boomers" never died!  They hold many of the upper level jobs right now anyway. 
Therefore the next generation would never be able to usurp their position in the job market.

Well just some extra things to think about!

Too bad ethics always lag so far behind science.  Often we carry out procedures before we ask if they 
should ever be done in the first place.


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