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			ECSInfo Available on World Wide Web

What is ECSInfo?

ECSInfo is a World Wide Web server that the ECS Science Office is developing 
to communicate relevant EOSDIS Core System (ECS) project information to the 
science community and to the general public as well as to invite feedback 
about the project from the same communities.

ECSInfo Features

ECSInfo users can discover more about the ECS project by exploring links 
offered to the following topics.

*	What is the EOSDIS Core System?
This link offers an introduction to the ECS project, its organization and 
schedule.  This link also offers access to recent documents and to Earth 
Pages--a search tool designed to highlight Earth science services and 

*	ECS Newsletter
The newsletter is a quarterly publication that spotlights significant project 

*	ECS at the DAACs
Users can link to each DAAC and can also learn more about the DAAC 
representatives who provide feedback to the ECS project.

*	ECS Prototyping
This link offers information about ECS studies and prototyping activities.

*	Science Data Production
Users can read about ECS standard data products, the Ad Hoc Working Group on 
Production, and the efforts of the science software integration and test team.

*	User Feedback
Suggestions and comments are welcome and may be submitted via the on-line 
suggestion box.  A user survey is available to those who want to submit more 
extensive feedback.  Users may also read about the user characterization 
studies which the ECS project conducts.

Contact Information

ECSInfo is accessible via the World Wide Web at  The 
Science Office welcomes feedback regarding its Web pages.  Each page provides 
a direct e-mail link to the author so that users may submit comments.  
Alternatively, please submit suggestions or comments regarding ECSInfo to Joy 
Colucci (jcolucci at

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