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Project NEWS

REPORTING DATE: September 1st, 1995

 This short communication, reports on the Project
"VSAT for Telematics and Health Care". The Project aims at
exploiting alternative communication possibilities for
telematics and health care services in Greece.

 The Project is executed under the responsibility of
the Medical Physics Laboratory (MPL) of the School of Medicine
of the University of Athens, in collaboration with  
TECHNOGNOSIS SA. The Project is partially financed by the NATO
Science for Stability Programme, the Greek General Secretariat
of Research and Technology and the partners participating. It is
expected that the Ministry of Health will provide additional
funds for the improvement of the infrastructure of the medical
units participating. The Project was initiated in April 1994 and
will last three years.

 The Project is organising Telemedicine Services that
will be provided from 3 tertiary hospitals in Athens, namely the
Aghia Sophia (paediatric), the Laikon General and the Onassis
Cardiac Surgery Centre. The Sismanoglion General Hospital is
also invited to participate. The services will be used on  a
pilot basis from 3 Aegean primary Health Care Centres. i.e.
those of the islands of Naxos and Milos in Cyclades and the
island of Karpathos in Dodekanese. 

 For the installation of the antennae and the
transfer of the satellite communication technology a special
agreement has been made with ANT Bosch (Backnang / Stuttgart).
Additional technical information will be provided by DeTeBerkom
of Berlin and the German Aerospace Research Foundation (DLR) in
Koln, which serves at the same time as SFS Project Consultant.
The communication part of the Project is mainly the
responsibility of the Project participant TECHNOGNOSIS SA.

 International trials for providing telemedicine
services across boarders will be made in collaboration with the
Radiology Department of the School of Medicine of the University
of Essen, Germany.

 The Project capitalises on the results of the
participation of the MPL in the research the European Projects
FEST (Framework for European Services in Telemedicine) and GEHR
(Good European Health Record), which were executed in the
context of the AIM / Telematics Programme (1992-1994). 

 The services to be offered include the types of case
handling, access to data bases, teleconsultations and
telemonitoring.  Clinical care profiles and medical standards
which will allow services of a certain level of quality to be
provided are being worked out and will be part of the Project's
telemedicine service platform. The Project envisages in
addition, work on remote training activities capitalising on the
available telematics infrastructure.

 The Health Care Centre of Naxos is becoming a
"prototype primary healthcare" unit in the sense that an
appropriate healthcare information system is being built and
appropriate modern medical equipment will be acquired through
local additional funding.

 At MPL, a computer based Telemedicine network
manager to supervise the related telemedicine activities, is
under construction. 

 The VSAT network is consisting of five antennae
already installed at MPL, TECHNOGNOSIS SA and Onassis Cardiac
Surgery Centre in Athens, at the HCC of the Naxos island and at
the Computer Centre of the Essen University in Germany. 
Computers and the Electronic Medical Record software (Greek
version of HEALTH.one software) have been installed in all
medical units participating. Medical, nursing and technical
staff in all units are in an extended training period in order
to be able to use and exploit the "new" technology available.

 Telemedicine services are being offered on a pilot
scale from Onassis Cardiac Surgery Centre two Cardiology
Clinics. Medical support has been provide to more than 100 cases
so far.

Future Work (next 6 months)

- description of Telemedicine Services procedures and
Quality Assurance procedures 
- production of the first draft of a Telemedicine
Handbook based on FEST
- testing period of providing medical support from
distance for cardiology, paediatric and internal
medicine patients
- testing of the international links for medical data
transmission between Greece and Germany
- extension of the Naxos HCC information system to
cover Laboratoy workload 
- installation and testing of the MPL Telemedicine
Network Manager
- continuation of the training programme of remote
healthcare workers on the use of electronic
healthcare record software

 For more information, please contact: 

Dimitrios SOTIRIOU, Scientific Director, Asst.
Professor of Medical Physics

School of Medicine, University of Athens

75, Mikras Assias Str. (GOUDI)

115 27 Athens, Greece

tel.: ++(301) 77.88.199   fax:  ++(301) 77.93.273

e-mail: sotiriou at alpha.telemed.ariadne-t.gr

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